Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
September 5-8, 2019
Denver, CO
Fri-Sat: 10-6, Sun: 10-4


All Registrations and T-Shirt Sales open on March 8, 2019 and close on September 4, 2019.
On-site Registration and T-Shirt Sales Open September 6, 2019 at 11:30am.

Ticket Description Price / Ticket Quantity
Standard Registration
1 Day Standard Pass $20.00
2 Day Standard Pass $30.00
3 Day Standard Pass $40.00
Student Registration
1 Day Student Pass $10.00
2 Day Student Pass $15.00
3 Day Student Pass $20.00
Seniors Registration - 65 and Older
1 Day Senior Pass $10.00
2 Day Senior Pass $15.00
3 Day Senior Pass $20.00
RMAF Registration + 1 Year Membership to Colorado Audio Society
1 Day Pass Plus Colorado Audio Society Membership $50.00
2 Day Pass Plus Colorado Audio Society Membership $55.00
3 Day Pass Plus Colorado Audio Society Membership $60.00
Industry Affiliate Registration
1 Day Industry Affiliate Pass $20.00
2 Day Industry Affiliate Pass $30.00
3 Day Industry Affiliate Pass $40.00
Active Military Registration
1 Day Active Military Pass $10.00
2 Day Active Military Pass $15.00
3 Day Active Military Pass $20.00
Sound-Smith's Peter Ledermann has been a busy fellow! At RMAF he announced, among other things, an upgrade to the sensational sounding Hyperion cactus cantilevered cartridge.
Soundsmith Revamps LineMichael FremerAnalogPlanet
if you get a chance to come to RMAF, THEN YOU MUST COME! It is 3 days of totally badass gear all set up by professionals and the ability to mix with other audiophools and hear in 3 days what most
Denver may seem like an odd place for a high-end audio show. As a medium-sized city, you wouldn't expect it to be a hotbed of passionate audiophiles. But when you add the attendees who drive or fly
Thomas J. NortonHome Theater
I'm not kidding when I say that pretty much everything headphone-related will be under one roof at this show. Anyone who's even a little bit into headphones (or speakers for that matter) will find the
They put on a heck of a show, and it's easy to see why RMAF has taken off like a rocket since it's birth just a couple years ago.
Bob Cordell, audioXpressaudioXpress
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 was stupendous. All kinds of new products including DACs and music servers were seemingly everywhere.
RMAF 2012 DefragThe Computer Audiophile
The real hero of the show is Marjorie Baumert. A few years ago she, and all of us, lost her husband Al. He remains with us in spirit however through Marjorie's valiant efforts to keep RMAF moving forward
CanJam at RMAF 2012: That's a Wrap!!!Tyll Hertsensinnerfidelity
Most manufacturers and attendees seemed in a good mood, as it seemed either the economic downturn had lifted somewhat, or we were all simply numb to it.
2012 RMAF CoverageDoug
People. Music. Enjoyment. Marjorie Baumert, the RMAF show director, and the entire RMAF crew from the Colorado Audio Society deserve a huge thank you for a job very well done. I found the general mood...
RMAF 2012 the Wrap!Michael LavorgnaAUDIOSTREAM
The AudioFest is as good a show as the public can attend, and far more relaxed and enjoyable than CES. If you have interest, you need to get there.
Todd Warnke, Enjoy the MusicEnjoy the Music