DEQX and Kyron Audio Partner for Unforgettable Speaker Technology Demos — Lupine Room

DEQX and Kyron Audio would like to invite press and attendees to attend demonstrations in the Lupine Boardroom Lobby Level Friday October 5th to the 7th.

Two power houses of audio innovation, DEQX and Kyron Audio will present the Kyron Audio multi award winning Kronos open baffle loudspeaker system.  The Kronos system is an ultimate expression of DEQX
HD-active calibration. DEQX, in conjunction with Kyron’s open-baffle and multi-amplifier innovations, significantly raise the level of performance available from traditional audio technology.

Kronos has won “Best Sound at Show” accolades from audio journalists from Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, Sound+Image Magazine,, Positive Feedback and others at multiple international audio shows.  This year marks the first time that visitors to RMAF will have the chance to hear this remarkable system for themselves.

It will also be the first time the new Kyron Mercury subwoofers will be demonstrated in USA. Designed for music first, the Mercury subs are the only choice to match the incredibly fast and accurate bass of the Kronos system, extending bass response well below 20Hz.

DEQX has been designing advanced digital speaker calibration processing for over 20 years.  DEQX is a core technology for some of the most advanced audio systems worldwide, including many studio installations such as Abbey Road London Studios England and the new state-of-the art Studio 301 in Sydney Australia.

Please feel free to visit the Lupine Boardroom lobby level — or to arrange a private demonstration during the show of this amazing audio system, please contact Alan Langford (DEQX) or Leon Suter (Kyron)

DEQX Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
Ph: +61 (2) 99056277

Kyron Audio
Adelaide, South Australia
Ph: +61 (3) 90162585 [2]

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