CLEAR TUNE MONITORS Presents New Da Vinci Series Ear Monitors and IEM Cable Lines — CANJAM 48

Da Vinci Series, the new 9- and 10- driver audiophile-grade Universal Fit In Ear Monitors by CTM, is ready to go!

Finally ready to ship is the new top of the line DaVinci Series universal fit in-ear monitor line. With 9- and 10-driver models, they are designed to give an unprecedented listening experience with sound quality that until now was only dreamed of. Inspired by the vision, drawings and inventions of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, the external design of these monitors has a mechanical but smooth appearance, industrial but at the same time subtle and modern, giving real clues of what’s enclosed within: exquisite elegance with unique resistance and durability. And to complement the Da Vinci’s exquisite sound, every set comes with a 4-Wire Hybrid Silver/Copper Premium Cable with 2.5mm connector besides the standard 3.5mm cable. For more information click here.

CTM proudly presents the new IEM PREMIUM Cable line, featuring 8- and 4- wire Copper, Silver and Hibryd Braided cables:

One of the greatest things CTM is bringing to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 is the New PREMIUM IEM Cable Line. Outstanding looks and the highest quality materials will definitely make listeners hear a revelation. For the first time in almost 10 years of uninterrupted In-Ear monitor work, CTM decided it was time to make its very own High-End audio conductors. They are the result of lots of knowledge and experience but also researching and shared experiences with Audiophiles, Sound Engineers, Musicians and other ears with exquisite taste. With Copper, Hybrid Copper/Silver and Silver as materials, 4-Wire and 8-wire as gauge choices, and a choice of 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 4.4mm connectors, there’s one Premium Cable that meets anyone’s needs. For more information click here.

Meet the new Accesory IEM Cables: a redesigned new standard cable, a wireless connection cable and a Smartphone cable with mic by CTM.

Great news! Now IEMs and CIEMs can be a part of every day thanks to our new Accesory Cables. CTM has redesigned and very much improoved its Standard Cable. More flexible and durable thanks to its new angled connectors. Braided wires that help prevent unwanted twists and fractures. And a stronger and firmer Y-split to adjust your monitors way tighter and safer to heads. For more information click here.

CTM’s new Smartphone Cable is a great option for listeners to enjoy beloved CTM sound in calls and other devices. Thanks to its Smartphone control with mic, it is possible to answer and hang-up calls, control volume, play/pause music and more! For more information click here.

And last but not least, there’s the Wireless Connection cable. With 5.0 BT technology, this awesome cable allows connection to up to 2 devices, working with a 10m range and for up to 10 hours! Music, phone, gaming, PC and more. For more information click here.

With all these options, Clear Tune Monitor users will never miss an opportunity, whether onstage or off, to make all of their days sound really great!

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