BRINKMANN’s “Next Generation” Electronics Debut at RMAF — Room 1103, Summit Tower

Brinkmann’s “Mk II” electronics will make their US Premiere at RMAF in the Brinkmann/EgglestonWorks Room 1103.

The Brinkmann Marconi MkII Line Preamplifier and Nyquist MkII Streaming DAC will be demonstrated in concert with the Mono Amplifiers and EgglestonWorks Viginti Loudspeakers. The NEW Brinkmann Edison MkII Phono Preampifier will not be demonstrated but is now shipping.

Brinkmann’s new components have undergone a significant redesign, yet the pricing is unchanged. All “MkI” Edison, Marconi and Nyquist units can be upgraded to “MkII” status, thereby enhancing the value and timelessness of Brinkmann products.

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