AUDIOKINESIS Introduces Unique SuperStand at RMAF 2018 — Room 3002, Summit Tower

AudioKinesis is proud to introduce the unique SuperStand at RMAF 2018.  The SuperStand incorporates not only a 10″ subwoofer derived from the Swarm system, but also a “Space Generator” section which uses late-onset reverberant energy to increase the apparent room size with no downsides.  You hear less “small room signature” and therefore more of the recording.  The subwoofer section reaches 25 Hz in most rooms, and optional Outboard Subs extend that to 20 Hz while improving the modal smoothing.  The new Azel Stand Mount speakers will be the centerpiece of our system, but the SuperStand is our secret weapon.  SuperStand raises even the best stand-mount speakers to the next level.

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