Xact Phono

by Xact Audio

Model: #9
Manufacturer: Xact Audio
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Phono
Check out the new high value phonostages from Xact Audio. They perform well above their price level. High quality parts are used to deliver exceptional sound, top to bottom.

XDS1 V2 CD/SACD Player

by EMM Labs Inc.

Model: XDS1 V2
Manufacturer: EMM Labs
Category: Digital
Subcategory: Player
Our goal, after all, was nothing less than a quantum leap in performance. And that's just what we achieved with EMM Labs' new XDS1 CD/SACD Player.


by Abyss Headphones

Model: Formula S
Manufacturer: Eleven Audio
Category: Headphone Amplifiers
A newcomer shows the world the true sound of music. Solid state dual mono amplifier modules deliver stunning speed and clarity, with detailed bass and drums to cymbal and string instruments, on up beyond perception, the Formula S amp is tuned for the highest resolution music and headphones.

XXX Turntables

by Xact Audio

Model: XX
Manufacturer: Xact Audio
Category: Analog
Subcategory: Table
New compact MagDrive® turntable. One SERIOUS turntable but in a compact size.
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