Ultimate Power Cable

by Triode Wire Labs, Inc.

Model: "The Obsession NCF"
Manufacturer: Triode Wire Labs
Category: Cables
The Statement series of power cords is Triode Wire Labs latest & greatest power cables to date. The premier “Obsession NCF” power cord, with over three years of continual Research and Development, sets new standards for Ultra-Fi Power Cables… Now Made with Furutech NCF Connectors! Super quiet noise floor with explosive dynamics and nuances, this newer power cord incorporates several technologies that showcase Triode Wire Labs innovation and development.


by Von Schweikert Audio

Manufacturer: Von Schweikert Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
This RMAF features the world premier of the ULTRA 9, Von Schweikert Audio's newest edition to our flagship line of loudspeakers following the prestigious launch of the highly acclaimed ULTRA 11s. The sleek dimensions of the ULTRA 9 fits nicely into any sound room with all the transparency, attack, dynamic authority and panoramic soundstage expected from our award wining ULTRA designs.


by Kirmuss & Associates/KirmussAudio

Model: KA-RC-1
Manufacturer: KirmussAudio
Category: Accessories
A RECORD RESTORATION SYSTEM, NOT JUST A CLEANER! Removes cleaning residues, dust, and contaminants that affect your listening enjoyment that other systems leave behind.

USB Cables

by Triode Wire Labs, Inc.

Model: “Discrete” USB Cable
Manufacturer: Triode Wire Labs
Category: Cables
The phenomenal “Discrete” USB cable – Triode Wire Labs in conjunction with P.I. audio group, LLC brings to digital audio the same excellence in performance that we are famous for with our “Spirit” Interconnects. The Digital Series “Discrete” uses the “trickle down” design philosophy incorporated into the Digital Series “Split Power & Data” USB cable. The Digital Series “Discreet” is a unique single USB cable for the finest reproduction possible. Incorporation of a proprietary power filter is just the beginning of the technologies incorporated into this cable. Power and data lines are independently twisted to optimum geometries and meticulously terminated with 4% lead free solder and deep immersion cryogenic treatment insures grain free, stunning performance. Choose the phenomenal “Discrete” for the highest performance available in a single combined data & power USB cable.
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