Ultimate USB

by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer: Purist Audio Design
Category: Cables
Purist Audio Design is pleased to introduce the all-new Ultimate USB Audio Cable. The USB cable is specifically designed for computer audio applications. The Ultimate combines passive filtering, a totally new cable design, and the largest gauge conductors allowed by USB standards to create the ultimate listening experience. Its conductors allow for accurate signal transfer up to 5 meters compared with other computer USB cables, which are limited to a few meters. This allows computers to be located away from audio components without compromising performance. The Purist Audio Design Ultimate USB Cable utilizes precision construction techniques and superior noise rejection result in a richer, more natural sound compared with computer USB cables. The cable also incorporates low noise dielectrics and double shielding providing superior noise performance for better resolution of musical details and a wider dynamic range.

Ultra Line Cables

by MasterBuilt Audio

Manufacturer: MasterBuilt Audio
Category: Cables
After eight years of research, MasterBuilt Audio is proud to announce the availability of Ultra Line cables. Ultra is based on exotic formulation and assembly techniques developed for information transmission systems by aerospace engineers. Numerous high profile organizations, both government and private, utilize this design for mission critical applications. MasterBuilt Audio is the only company licensed to utilize this technology for commercial audio use. Key to the audio version of the Ultra design is maintaining extremely subtle details by managing the flow of electrons through the conductors and the avoidance of interaction in both the conductors and insulating materials. Highly specialized winding techniques also contribute to Ultra’s performance advantages. The benefit of this technology becomes evident with the first listening session. You immediately hear low level detail that you didn't know you were missing, previously only heard in live performances. At the same time, even during the most dynamic music passages, you hear the fine detail of authentic timbres, harmonic richness, and a physical palpability that you've not experienced, except again, at live performances. Each instrument and voice occupies a distinct space with the individual nuances of each instrument/voice easily identified all the while enveloped with the essential ambience of the recording venue. The Ultra Line is so revealing that to reap its full benefits, the pinnacle of performance is required from all associated components from source to speaker. Due to the extreme costs of manufacturing the proprietary metal alloys as well as the nature of this proprietary engineering design and manufacturing process, the Ultra Line is an exclusive product that is reserved for the world's finest audio systems and discerning audiophiles.

Ultrasone Performance 880 Headphones

by Moon Audio

Model: Ultrasone Performance 880 Headphones
Manufacturer: Ultrasone
Category: Headphones
Ultrasone has taken its patented S-logic Plus technology and ULE shielding system and created the very affordable Performance 880. The Performance 880 is the top model in the new Performance series conceptualised for musicians and music lovers. The unique reproduction of music brings both groups of users together. These audiophile headphones for mixing, which show their own creativity across the whole tonal spectrum, are also ideal for your favorite songs as the artist intended. Perfect for everyone who wants excellent sound while gaming to watching TV.

UniField 2 MkIII

by Von Schweikert Audio

Manufacturer: Von Schweikert Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: Monitor
There are many audiophiles who truly appreciate good sound, but simply lack the resources to dedicate an extremely large space to their passion. Thus, they are faced with the difficult decision of finding the right balance between size and sound quality. To help combat this, Von Schweikert Audio’s R&D team has engineered what we believe to be a very creative solution. The UniField line of speakers was designed to produce powerful yet clean bass, incredible clarity, and perfect imaging that far exceeds what you would expect from speakers of their size.

United Home Audio

by United Home Audio

Model: Reel to Reel Tape Decks
Manufacturer: UHA
Category: Analog
The latest in high end audio reel to reel tape decks

USB C to A Adapter

by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer: Purist Audio Design
Category: Cables
Have a device with only USB-C ports? Purist Audio Design's USB line now includes a USB-C to A adapter. All USB cable adapters are specifically designed for computer audio applications. We build by hand from the ground up, with low impedance and hi-quality, custom shielding. From your home server to your mobile listening station, Purist Audio Design connects you to the music and has for over 30 years.
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