by Nordost

Manufacturer: Nordost
Category: Power Products

QLN Prestige 3

by Well Pleased AV

Model: Prestige 3
Manufacturer: QLN
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
Building upon the iconic Signature 3, QLN debuts the Prestige 3 Floorstanding loudspeaker. With an expertly designed cabinet and new cross over components, the Prestige 3 establishes a performance bench mark for the sub $10,000 price class.


by Qobuz

Category: Music
Music tracks up to 24/192 FLAC streaming and downloads


by Questyle North America, Inc.

Manufacturer: Questyle
Category: Portable Music Player
Questyle's award winning second generation DAP, the QP2R, inherits the same Current Mode Amplification technology as Questyle's Golden Reference System. With its Full-balanced Amplification Design, like a car of two-wheel drive upgrades to four-wheel drive, four groups of Current Mode Amplifier circuits located on both front and back of the PCB bring stronger power, unlike any other DAP. With its pure class A fully balanced amplifier, Bias control and True DSD DAC, it is regarded as the best sounding DAP on the market!

QX8 Twenty Digital Hub

by Crescendo Fine Audio

Model: QX8 Twenty
Manufacturer: Ayre Acoustics
Category: Digital
Subcategory: DAC
The QX-8 ($4500) is a digital hub designed to deliver the QX-5 Twenty’s proprietary core technologies (fully balanced, zero-feedback analog circuitry; custom digital filter; asynchronous S/PDIF-based inputs) at a lower price point
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