PlayPoint Mk. II Network Audio Player and Server

by exaSound Audio Design

Model: PlayPoint Mark II
Manufacturer: exaSound Audio Design
Category: Digital
Subcategory: Player
Roon-enabled music server, Roon Ready networked audio player, UPnP server, UPnP/OpenHome player and Signalyst NAA Player. It offers the best of the proprietary and the open-source audio technologies in one compact component. Supports DSD512 and PCM 705.6/768kHz. 5-way volume synchronization, volume trimming for individual channels. Glass capacitive touch-screen, web interface for remote operation, remote support, remote upgrade.


by Auris Audio

Manufacturer: Auris Audio
Category: Speakers
Poison 8 are a 4 way, 3D loudspeakers, hand made from natural materials. With recommended power handling from 10W – 100W this beauty shows superlative performance and unique acoustic style. Poison 8 uses Beyma 8” Bass driver, ribbon tweeter and a custom Italian mid driver, made according to the Auris Audio specification by Fountek.

PRE Stereo Preamplifier

by EMM Labs Inc.

Model: PRE
Manufacturer: EMM Labs
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: SolidState
The reference PRE, embodies Ed's drive for perfection in his most significant statement preamplifier to date.

Primary Control

by Believe High Fidelity

Model: Reference Tonearm
Manufacturer: Primary Control
Category: Analog
Subcategory: Arm
Primary Control offers Bespoke custom tonearm designs with advanced technology and a superior fit and finish. Available in 9, 10.5 and 12 inch offerings the Reference Arm is the sweet spot in the lineup.

ProPhile 8

by InEar GmbH & Co. KG

Model: ProPhile 8
Manufacturer: InEar GmbH Co. KG
Category: Headphones
ProPhile 8 is more than a reliable partner on the stage. In the studio, the eight perfectly matched drivers inside the PP8 reveal their full potential. Absolute clarity in all frequencies, the most precise representation of even the lowest bass and most gentle highs make the PP8 absolute top class. An integrated 3db bass and 2 db treble boost can be activated as required. Audiophiles with highest demands will also be ultimately satisfied with this earphone. All InEar earphones are equipped with replaceable Cerumen Filters, which prevent dirt from entering the interior. For long-term best sound quality.
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