Impresa Silver

by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer: Purist Audio Design
Category: Cables
Our new, Impresa Silver headphone cable achieves a mere 0.0213 O/m resistance and a capacitance of 20 pF/FT for a quicker release and a more transparent and true, airy sound! We have also carefully sourced and worked with companies like Furutech and Neutrik for the connectors to provide the highest quality and most sonically revealing cable possible. The Impresa Silver offers increased clarity with more focus and transparency, perfect for today’s high-end headphones!

Innuos Zenith SE

by Well Pleased Audio Vida

Model: Zenith SE
Manufacturer: Innuos
Category: Digital
Subcategory: Player
Innuos ZENith Special Edition The Zenith SE picks up the trademark PRaT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) and neutrality of the Zenith and raises it to an entirely new level. To achieve this, we focused on 3 areas: Power Supply, Vibration and EMI Shielding. New Triple-Linear PSU The new Triple-Linear power supply has been designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs using the very best components: Mundorf capacitors, ultra-low noise regulators, gold-plated contacts, silver-plated cabling on all power connections. All carefully hand-soldered by our expert technicians in-house. Vibration Control We've taken vibration damping even further with an extremely quiet toroidal transformer and 3 anti-vibration feet working in perfect synergy with the chassis to keep vibration from sensible electronics. EMI Shielding Finally, we have further protected the system from EMI interference with a custom-built GOSS band around the transformer and shielding all internal cables from interference. There is now an incredible depth to the soundstage, allowing the listener to explore all the fine layers of instruments and detail in voices. One now wanders through the music, rather than simply listening to it, as it becomes more natural, evolving and exciting. Prepare for many hours of enjoyment listening to your music like never before.

Instrumentation Phono

by Swan Song Audio LLC

Model: I to V
Manufacturer: Swan Song Audio
Category: Analog
The instrumentation line is based on the instrumentation style balanced to single ended amplification methodolgy. The method is so named because it is this design that is used in sensitive measurement and hospital equipment. Changes to the basic phono include: 1) Instrumentation style balanced to single ended first stage amplification 2) Digital switching circuitry 3) Dedicated as MM, MC, or I to V 4) Tighter RIAA tolerances 5) Additional power filtering and handling capabilities 6) Built in volt meter for gain setup, channel balance, and grounding verification

Integrated Amplifier

by NEAT Acoustics Ltd

Model: FLS10
Manufacturer: Audia Flight
Category: Integrateds
Subcategory: SolidState
Brand New debut of Audia Flight's latest integrated amplifier. State-of-the-art design includes analog/digital inputs, phono inputs, headphone output, and 200w/ch of power.


by Alta Audio

Model: IO
Manufacturer: Alta Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
Ribbon two way full range monitor


by SOtM

Model: iSO-CAT6
Manufacturer: SOtM
Category: Accessories
SOtM iSO-CAT6 is a MUST-HAVE item for all the audio system using LAN port with regardless of price and value of each audio system. As well, a better sound improvement will be drawn if you use the iSO-CAT6 together with dCBL-CAT6 or dCBL-CAT7, a LAN cable made by SOtM’s special technology.

Isolation Feet

by Fern & Roby

Model: Isolation Feet
Manufacturer: Fern & Roby
Category: Accessories
Subcategory: Stands
We love audio and we love furniture so we decided to develop a product that protects your signal path in your analog source and your favorite furniture. Our isolation feet are made in our machine shop out of turned, anodized 6061 aluminum, cork, and Sorbothane.

Isolation Series

by Comply™

Model: T-Series
Manufacturer: Hearing Components
Category: Accessories
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