Falcon Acoustics Classic BBC 15ohm LS3/5a


Model: Classic BBC 15ohm LS3/5a
Manufacturer: Falcon Acoustics
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: Monitor
The Falcon Acoustics Classic 15 Ohm BBC LS3/5a, the only 100% authentic LS3/5a now made.

Falcon Reference Loudspeaker


Model: GC6500R Reference Speaker
Manufacturer: Falcon Acoustics
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: Monitor
the new Falcon Reference Loudspeaker (Room 557) The all new Falcon Graphene Reference speaker, using Graphene NanoplateletTechnology in the finest CNC Engineered Italian cabinets for unparalleled bass precision, transparency and accuracy.

FLOW Headphone

by Cleer, Inc.

Manufacturer: Cleer, Inc.
Category: Headphones
The FLOW hybrid noise canceling headphone with Bluetooth delivers exceptional peace and quiet on-the-go with powerful, hybrid noise canceling technology (up to 30dB suppression), selectable ambient awareness capability, wireless audio streaming with AAC, and aptX® support, and up-to 20-hour battery life. Borrowing exclusive ironless driver technology from the NEXT, FLOW ensures bold and articulate playback.

Fluance Turntable

by Vanatoo

Model: RT81
Manufacturer: Fluance
Category: Analog
Subcategory: Table
The Fluance RT81 turntable really raises the bar for an introductory level vinyl system. This belt driven wonder includes its own (by-passable) RIAA preamp, Audio Technica MM cartridge, and build quality well above its price range. Great analog has never been this affordable!

Focus SE / XD

by Legacy Audio

Model: Focus SE/ XD
Manufacturer: Legacy Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
The Legacy Focus SE is a world renowned full range tower with mastering grade clarity and high efficiency. Focus SE features the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter System, dual 7" Silver Graphite midwoofers, and dual 12" spun aluminum woofers. The Focus is now available with 750 watts of internal power in the XD.

Forte III

by Klipsch Group Inc.

Model: Special Edition - Ebony
Manufacturer: Klipsch
Category: Speakers
This Special Edition Forte III features a rich ebony finish with silver luster grille cloth that houses the very latest advancements in Klipsch acoustic engineering. The Forte III utilizes all new state of the art drivers including midrange and tweeter titanium compression drivers for a smooth and powerful response - resulting in a beautiful, handcrafted speaker that delivers cinema-quality sound.


by Auris Audio

Manufacturer: Auris Audio
Category: Power Amps
Subcategory: Tube
Fortissimo is integrated stereo tube amplifier designed in Push-Pull technology. Fortissimo is made to thrill audio enthusiasts whose favorite notes can be found in more dynamic music. Great Orchestra, blues, rock and Fortissimo are made for each other. The power of 100 AB-watts from a pair of KT-120s allows easy selection of wide range of speakers while wooden sides of enclosure reduces vibration.


by Legacy Audio

Model: Foundation
Manufacturer: Legacy Audio
Category: Home Theatres
Subcategory: Subwoofer
Legacy's new Foundation subwoofers delivers incredible attack with ultra-low distortion and world class definition utilizing only 1.5 square feet of floor space.


by Schiit Audio

Manufacturer: Schiit Audio
Category: Preamplifiers
Now this is a no-excuses balanced, remote-control preamp! Switch between passive, active JFET buffer, and tube gain modes, enjoy the fine control of a 128-step relay-switched stepped attenuator volume control with perfect channel matching, and control it all from the comfort of your favorite chair—for many times less than you’d expect to pay.

Fulla 2

by Schiit Audio

Manufacturer: Schiit Audio
Category: Amplifier/DAC Combos
Subcategory: Solid State (desktop)
The second-generation Fulla is our answer to the question, “What’s the most affordable way I can get into great sound on my desktop?” And by “my desktop,” we mean everything on it. Fulla 2 is ready for your headphones, your powered monitors, your analog sources, and more.

Fuuga Cartridge

by Audioarts NYC

Model: Fuuga
Manufacturer: Fuuga
Category: Analog
Subcategory: Cartridge
Legendary multi alloy cartridge in the Miyabi tradition. Stereophile Class A. "Fuuga is, without a doubt, among the handful of highest-performing, most enjoyable cartridges I have ever heard." Michael Fremer. "This is simply the most engaging and satisfying cartridge I've come across in years: a future classic - now." Roy Gregory "There are products you can't wait to see the back of. There are products you miss as soon as they leave. Then there are the rarest products of all - those for which leaving simply isn't an option." "This one's a keeper. The Fuuga stays." Roy Gregory "It's as if the Fuuga's designers Windexed that pane of glass through which we view the instruments. As a result, there is less of a feeling of a barrier between you and the music and the system disappears into the background." Myles Astor
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