by Pro Audio Ltd.

Model: 7” - 10.5” metal reels
Manufacturer: Feinwerktechnik
Category: Analog
Precision metal reels for tape recorders. 7”, 10.5”, and 12” sizes

Fet Valve CF Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

by Audio by Van Alstine

Model: Fet Valve CF
Manufacturer: Audio by Van Alstine
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Tube
The Fet Valve CF preamplifier is an all tube preamplifier with 6 sets of line level inputs and two sets of line audio outputs. It is a full remote control preamplifier with our optional Vision Q adjustable phono preamplifier.

Focal Elear Headphones

by Moon Audio

Model: Focal Elear Headphones
Manufacturer: Focal
Category: Headphones
The Focal Elear open back audiophile headphones feature numerous innovations from Focal. Elear offers the world’s first, full range and fully open back loudspeaker, built-in to a pair of headphones. Made from an Aluminum-Magnesium blend, in a formed shape, unique to Focal with the company’s brand new “M” shape dome. Pair these headphones with a premium Silver Dragon or Black Dragon headphone cable for a customized sound that satisfies your music and favorite genres.

Focal Listen Headphones

by Moon Audio

Model: Focal Listen Headphones
Manufacturer: Focal
Category: Headphones
Focal Listen are premium headphones that are great for the on-the-go lifestyle. The closed back design and large chrome plated ear cups provide excellent isolation from outside noise while offering high-quality acoustic performance, even on a busy city street or in a subway car. Main Features: Closed circum-aural headphones Exclusive diaphragm technology offering amazing sound quality Mobile, light, comfortable and high isolation headphones Multifunction remote Compatible with all smartphones

Focal Utopia Headphones

by Moon Audio

Model: Focal Utopia Headphones
Manufacturer: Focal
Category: Headphones
Focal Utopia $10,000 Headphones for much less Leave it to a French speaker maker to change headphones in epic and awesome ways. Focal’s design innovations represent a revolution in headphone design. Focal Utopia’s driver diameter closely follows their voice coil’s diameter with an open back magnet assembly thus there is no trapped air behind the dome. Think of it as a miniature, ported speaker with the most amazing sound you can put on your head. In addition, the driver uses pure Beryllium formed in the new "M" shaped dome which is extremely rigid and super light which results in incredibly low distortion and quite possibly the best in the headphone marketplace.

Focus SE / XD

by Legacy Audio

Model: Focus SE / XD
Manufacturer: Legacy Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
The Legacy Focus is the world's standard in full range speakers. A favorite of recording & mastering studios, Focus offers the ultimate in dynamics, bandwidth and resolution for its price class. The standard Focus SE is a fully passive bi-wire, bi-amp capable design while the versatile Focus XD adds 750 watts of ultra-low distortion ICEpower amplification inside each tower...offering full range self-amplification, separate bi-amplification of the bass section, or use of our Wavelet processor as an external crossover with a powered bass section.

Fostex TH610 headphones

by Moon Audio

Model: Fostex TH610 headphones
Manufacturer: Fostex
Category: Accessories
The Fostex TH-610 is the successor to the critically acclaimed TH600, part of Fostex’s premium TH series of audiophile headphones, which also includes the renowned TH900 and the TH900 mk2. The TH610 features a detachable cable and beautiful matte finished black walnut housings, in addition to the reputed bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm and the powerful 1 tesla (1,000 gauss) magnetic circuit.


by Schiit Audio

Manufacturer: Schiit Audio
Category: Preamplifiers

Fulla 2

by Schiit Audio

Manufacturer: Schiit Audio
Category: Headphone Amplifiers
Use it as an amp, preamp or DAC.


by High Water Sound

Model: Nano Crystal Cables
Manufacturer: Furutech
Category: Cables
Furutech is a Japanese manufacturer of cables, power and audio related accessories.
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