E series

by final - S'Next Co. Ltd

Model: E3000/E3000C, E2000/E2000C
Manufacturer: final - S'Next Co., Ltd.
Category: Headphones
Subcategory: In Ear Monitor (mobile)
This series fulfills all of the following: high-quality sound, simple design, user-friendly and affordable price. With this, we aimed for a product series where the products chosen would undoubtedly be referred to as standards for years to come. It is because we’d like these to be used as tools for the mature user that won't want to part with them the more they are used, and because they are products we'd like those recognizing the pleasure of earphones for the first time to also use, we’ve integrated the results of the latest in acoustic engineering and psychological research.

E-02 Phono Preamp

by Esoteric

Model: E-02
Manufacturer: Esoteric
Category: Preamplifiers
The E-02 is a fully balanced phono stage preamplifier that features fully balanced circuits from the input stage right through to the final output stage. It is perfectly designed for handling the extremely low level signals from a MC cartridge, as well as MM, minimize noise interference and powerfully amplify signals with low impedance to bring the very best sound out of your beloved vinyl collection.


by SOtM

Model: eABS-200
Manufacturer: SOtM
Category: Accessories
SOtM eABS-200 is a EMI absorber sheet which absorbs EMI noise as its literally means. The eABS-200 is eliminating EMI noise and also with the reflected incident EMI. The thickness of eABS-200 is 1mm and shaped like A4 size, supports up to 6G range EMI elimination and belongs to one of the very good performance of 1mm thickness EMI absorber sheets.


by VK Music

Model: TU-8600
Manufacturer: ELEKIT
Category: Amplifier/DAC Combos
Subcategory: Tube (desktop)

Endeavor E-3 MkII

by Von Schweikert Audio

Manufacturer: Von Schweikert Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
Von Schweikert Audio is proud to unveil the next generation of world-class speaker design; the Endeavor E-3 MkII. Featuring the latest innovations in audio technology, the E-3 MkII is the most advanced and affordable speaker system on the market. It has been said that science cannot define musical expression, with its emotion and passion, but musical expression can define science. Thus, the E-3 MkII was engineered by a team of experts in the art of musical appreciation as well as advanced audio engineering. Easy to drive and all amps are suitable.

Enklein David

by Audio Den Ltd.

Model: David
Manufacturer: Enklein
Category: Cables
Enklein David Power Cords incorporate the ground-breaking Electromagnetic Interposition Shielding System (Dragon Skin).

Enklein Titan

by Audio Den Ltd.

Model: Titan
Manufacturer: Enklein
Category: Cables
Subcategory: Speaker
Enklein Titan Speaker Cables are designed around the transmission capablilities of silver and copper and their individual characteristics at different frequencies.

Enklein TRex

by Audio Den Ltd.

Model: TRex
Manufacturer: Enklein
Category: Cables
Enklein TRex Power Cords is a new design based on the legendary Taurus Power Cable; incorporating the Dragon Skin Concept.

Enklein Zephyr 2

by Audio Den Ltd.

Model: Zephyr 2
Manufacturer: Enklein
Category: Cables
Subcategory: Inter
Enklein Zephyr 2 Interconnects are a New cable based on the David cabling system technology.


by eLife Systems, LLC

Manufacturer: eLife Systems, LLC
Category: Home Theatres

Our ePort® is an all-in-one entertainment center hub. It is a media server and streamer, DVR, game console, and palm sized computer, controlled by a remote or app.

Browse and play high res audio, video and images. With an added network tuner, watch and record television. Plug in a web-cam and it becomes a video conferencing device. Now everyone can easily enjoy all their media in stunning visual and sonic perfection - whenever, wherever and with whomever they want.

ePort® Your ticket to all digital destinations!

Eros 300

by Zesto Audio

Model: Monoblocks
Manufacturer: Zesto Audio
Category: Power Amps
Subcategory: Tube
Pure Class A 150 Watt power amps. Their powerful, beautiful and very musical. 100% tube analog circuitry.


by Koss Corporation

Model: ESP950
Manufacturer: Koss Corporation
Category: Headphones
The pinnacle of audio reproduction, the Koss ESP950 Electrostatic headphone system sets the standard for electrostatic headphones. Not only do these professional headphones provide extremely low distortion, they also offer unbeatable sound quality and reproduction for an utterly unique listening experience. The ESP950 feature Koss’s revolutionary electrostatic transducer design, which includes unique materials and construction for mechanical damping and a proprietary semi-conductive diaphragm coating for an ultra-flat frequency response across the entire range. That means deep, clean bass with remarkable power and unmatched sound quality. What else would you expect from the people who introduced the world to private listening?

ETHER C Flow headphones by Mr Speakers

by Moon Audio

Model: ETHER C Flow headphones by Mr Speakers
Manufacturer: Mr Speakers
Category: Headphones
The ETHER C Flow is MrSpeakers new flagship closed-backed headphones. Utilizing TrueFlow technology to improve the performance of the critically acclaimed ETHER C headphone, it delivers sumptuous planar magnetic bass and dynamics, with near-electrostatic resolution and an even more “open” and spacious soundstage than ETHER C.

ETHER Electrostatic

by MrSpeakers

Model: ETHER Electrostatic
Manufacturer: MrSpeakers
Category: Headphones
Come hear the production version of our upcoming electrostatic headphone! Lightweight, comfortable and a warm tonality that's different from many other electrostatics, it's a headphone any enthusiast will want to hear.


by MrSpeakers

Model: ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow
Manufacturer: MrSpeakers
Category: Headphones
With our innovative Trueflow and V-Planar headphone technologies, our ETHER Flow series of headphones broke new ground in planar magnetic headphone performance, delivering resolution approaching electrostatics, with the convenience of being able to work with conventional headphone amplifiers. With careful attention not only to sound but comfort, the ETHER Flow open and closed headphones are suitable for extended listening, at home or on the road.

Europa version#2

by Wavelength Audio, ltd.

Model: netDAC
Manufacturer: Wavelength Audio, ltd.
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Tube
Europa has both a digital and analog setup. It has a single Analog input and via modules is capable of Toslink (24/192), USB HS 32/384 & DSD64/128 and or Ethernet and WIFI. The all tube design utilizes tube rectifier and DHT gain tubes. $6500 USB/Toslink/Analog, $7500 with Ethernet & WIFI.
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