CH Precision phonostage

by Xact Audio

Model: P1
Manufacturer: CH Precision
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Phono

Charisma Audio

by High Water Sound

Model: Reference Two MC Cartridge
Manufacturer: Charisma Audio
Category: Analog
Subcategory: Cartridge
Charisma Audio manufactures a line of moving coil cartridges in Toronto Canada.

Chord 2Qute DAC

by Moon Audio

Model: Chord 2Qute DAC
Manufacturer: Chord Electronics
Category: Amplifier/DAC Combos
Subcategory: Solid State (portable)
The Chord 2Qute DAC is a new super-DAC for 2015 with class-leading specifications, outstanding technical measurements and proven sonic performance. It advances the award-winning Qute EX DAC with the latest Hugo specifications.

Chord Hugo 2

by Fort Collins Audio

Model: Hugo 2
Manufacturer: Chord Electronics
Category: Digital
Subcategory: DAC
Hugo 2 from Chord - brand new just out. Hear what FPGA can do for your music! Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original. Designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems’ sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology.

Chord Mojo

by Moon Audio

Model: Chord Mojo
Manufacturer: Chord
Category: Amplifier/DAC Combos
Subcategory: Solid State (portable)
Chord’s Mojo (Mobile Joy) Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and headphones amplifier is as Peter Hyatt notes a “game changer” in digital sound quality. The Mojo DAC is small, smartphone friendly, and powerful. Don’t let a reasonable price or the small size of the Chord Mojo stop you from experiencing the “110% satisfaction” noted by Jer and 1,000 other Chord Mojo buyers.

Class A Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Model: INT35W
Manufacturer: TIMBRE & LUCES USA LLC
Category: Amplifier/DAC Combos
Subcategory: Solid State (desktop)
Our Professional and Home solid state integrated Amplifiers use the latest advanced technology operational amplifier (OP), Preamplifier that uses new OP devices, with very low distortion and noise levels (THD N, f=1kHz) = 0.00001%. Our amplifiers use advanced DC Power Supplies that use high speed Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD), with audio capacitors, producing excellent rectifying efficiency. This means our power amplifiers have an excellent Hi-Fi Audio Dynamic Response Power for speakers. Our integrated amplifiers produce clean, pure sound with virtually zero distortion at both low and high volume. We also have DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Kenwell brand, Professional 4-Way Active Reference Studio Monitor Speaker, Professional 4-Way Passive Stage Speaker, Floor Standing 4-Way Speaker & Bookshelf 4-Way Speaker.

Comfort Series

by Comply™

Model: Ts-Series
Manufacturer: Hearing Components
Category: Accessories


by Lone Star Audio

Model: Inspiration Pre @ Power amps
Manufacturer: Constellation
Category: Power Amps
Subcategory: SolidState
Inspiration 1.0 preamp and stereo power amp in active demo

Constellation Audio

by Constellation Audio

Model: Centaur II Mono
Manufacturer: Constellation Audio
Category: Power Amps
500W mono amp

Continuum Audio Labs

by Constellation Audio

Model: Obsidian
Manufacturer: Continuum Audio Labs
Category: Analog
Belt Drive Turntable

Critical Mass Systems

by Lone Star Audio

Model: Sotto Voce, QXK, Maxxum
Manufacturer: CMS
Category: Accessories
Subcategory: Stands
Audio component racks fundamentally shape the quality of the signal that comes out of the loudspeakers. A good rack will make music sound more “realistic” as vibration from the loudspeakers, the components and the rack disappear, revealing the inner detail of the music.


by Crosszone Limited

Model: CZ-1
Manufacturer: Crosszone
Category: Headphones
Subcategory: Over Ear Monitor (desktop)
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