Model: A30.3
Manufacturer: Music Hall
Category: Integrateds
Subcategory: SolidState
THE MUSIC HALL A30.3 IS AN ANALOG LOVER’S DREAM THAT SLUICES RIGHT THROUGH THE DIGITAL WORLD. A robust 85 watt/ch amplifier mated to an exceptionally quiet moving-magnet phono stage and scientifically proven digital to analog converter belie the understated traditional chassis. The a30.3 is delightful to use and a pleasure to share with friends via the surprisingly good sounding Bluetooth connection. The a30.3 pioneers new ground while remaining firmly planted in the analog universe.


by Fort Collins Audio

Model: A4
Manufacturer: Spendor
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
New Spendor A4 musically complete sound in this affordable $2900 speaker. A must hear new celebrity. US Debut!!!

Aavik Acoustics

by High End By Oz LLC

Model: C-300
Manufacturer: Aavik Acoustics
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: SolidState
The Aavik C-300 line stage uses a unique, inverted, virtual GND amplifier topology, which preserves the finest musical details on a dark, quiet, black background. The line stage has two inputs with 9 dB gain and one line input with 6 dB gain. The volume control is realized with microprocessor-controlled resistor-ladder (R2R) circuit inside the feedback loop of a virtual GND amplification stage. The volume control regulates from -80 dB to 0 dB in approx. 1 dB steps. The C-300 is equipped with two built-in DACs (PCM and DSD) and a phono section. It also comes with three line inputs and RCA and XLR outputs. The Aavik C-300 PCM DAC section is designed around 5 digital inputs, which all excel in performance. The DAC performs without any digital signature, which makes any music sound "analog". The digital circuits are created with the best high frequency skills tools available and great care was embedded in the PCB design. We made a lot of effort to ensure we have a 100% equal treatment of the differential signals, with time-aligned, ultra-short, 4-layer PCB traces. The DAC's circuits are fitted with ultra-low jitter onboard clocks in order to minimize timing errors in the digital-to-analog conversion. In the Aavik C-300 all DAC circuits are isolated with 13 onboard, separate low-noise, high-PSSR voltage regulators each feeding only one stage of the signal handling. The digital signals from the 5 digital inputs are routed to an ASRC, where they are resampled and re-clocked to 200 kHz/24 bit PCM, feeding current output DAC chips. The current-to-voltage conversion is performed with a differential floating topology with virtual GND. This isolates the signal path from the potential GND noise and signal induced GND modulation. The Aavik C-300 DSD DAC section features a very simplistic gain structure with only one gain stage and a purely passive LC type analog filter, made from shielded coils and the highest quality capacitors available. The passive 6th order filter is placed at 60 kHz where it effectively removes all switching artefacts without adding excess noise in the audio-band. A pure and unique method of making the D to A conversion without passing the signal through any type of DAC chipset and software based noise shaping. The USB input is galvanically isolated to avoid noise pollution from the host. This isolates the signal path from the potential GND noise and signal induced GND modulation. The Aavik C-300 RIAA section is based on a discreet, floating, balanced, ultra-low noise, bipolar input circuit. By nature, the topology of a moving coil cartridge is a floating, balanced signal generator. We have kept this floating, balanced circuit topology throughout the phono stage. The floating input circuitry allows us to use ultra-low noise, bipolar transistors. By paralleling several transistor pairs, we have created a dead-quiet input section. The Aavik C-300 phono stage has a 62 dB gain, and the cartridge loading is adjustable from 50 ohm to 10 kOhm.


by Abyss Headphones

Model: Diana®
Manufacturer: ABYSS Headphones
Category: Headphones
Subcategory: Over Ear Monitor (mobile)
Diana is all about style, and sound. She's someone you want around. The worlds thinnest boutique headphone.

Acoustic Lens System

by Invoke Unified Sounds

Model: Lens 1
Manufacturer: Invoke
Category: Other
Pro Monitors for Sound Engineers.

Active Speakers

by DEQX Pty Ltd

Model: HDS-1 Isobaric
Manufacturer: DEQX / Legend
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: Monitor
ACTIVE ISRs achieve this level of “liveness” and “like being there” involved the cooperation of two of Australia’s most innovative audio companies, DEQX and Legend Acoustics.

Both have a passion for live music and a deep understanding that comes from long experience and comprehensive knowledge.

Thus the DEQX HDS-1 or Legend ISR is designed to produce unparalleled fidelity to music as it was recorded.

AEON Flow Closed-Back Headphones by MrSpeakers

by Moon Audio

Model: AEON Flow Closed-Back Headphones
Manufacturer: Mr Speakers
Category: Headphones
Mr. Speakers' AEON headphones are the second in-house designed headphone for the planar magnetic headphone manufacturer. AEON includes the technology of ETHER Flow headphones into a compact, comfortable and cost-effective design, delivering the best of ETHER Flow sound quality at a dramatically more affordable price point.

AER Loudspeakers

by VK Music

Manufacturer: AER
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
Open Baffle Loudspeaker •Loaded with BD1 B full range driver •High efficiency 96db /1w /1m •Transparent acryglas enclosure •Suitable for use with single ended amps •10 year guarantee


by Legacy Audio

Model: Aeris
Manufacturer: Legacy Audio
Category: Speakers
Subcategory: FullRange
Hear this "Bad Ass", "Editors' Choice", "Golden Ear" award winning speaker at RMAF. AERIS is a speaker system whose striking looks are matched only by its performance capabilities. This 4.5 way system utilizes the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter system and features open air dipole midrange, dual subwoofers with internal bass amplification, room correction and craftsmanship display options.


by JWM Acoustics

Model: AML II
Manufacturer: JWM Acoustics
Category: Speakers
Stand mount MTM Monitor.

Ambrose A30

by ModWright Instruments, Inc.

Model: A30
Manufacturer: ModWright Instruments Inc.
Category: Power Amps
Artisan built, 30W, Class A, Reference Single Ended tube mono blocks. Finished in Flamed Baked Maple and Highly Figured Walnut.

Ambrose One

by ModWright Instruments, Inc.

Model: The One
Manufacturer: ModWright Instruments Inc.
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Tube
Artisan built, fully balanced, dual mono Reference tube preamplifier with external power supply. Finished in Flamed Baked Maple or Highly Figured Walnut. Built to order.


by High Fidelity Services

Model: AMP-60
Manufacturer: Verity Audio
Category: Amplifier/DAC Combos
Subcategory: Solid State (desktop)
Verity's national debut of their new reference solid state electronics, including the state-of-the-art Amp-60 Amplifier. You've never heard solid state like this!

Analog Active Crossover for Open Baffle Speakers

by PureAudioProject

Model: PAP-C1
Manufacturer: FirstWatt/PureAudioProject
Category: Accessories
The PAP-C1 is a brand new active analog crossover, designed by Nelson Pass and FirstWatt for PureAudioProject two way Open Baffle Speakers (woofers and full range drivers.). Based on the design of the legendary B5 crossover, the JFet based crossover circuits allow smooth and continuous -12db low and high pass filtering, between 100hz to 550hz. In addition, the PAP-C1 features an adjustable low-bass boost and high-mid shaving options. All these, plus the continuous ‘loudness’ on PAP-C1 front, allow audio fans to enjoy their open baffle speakers and their favorite amplifiers at best, in a pure-analog bi-amping mode, and at any volume level !


by High Fidelity Services

Model: TT One-Twelve
Manufacturer: Analogueworks
Category: Analog
AnalogueWorks returns this year with a new 12 inch version of the popular "TT One" midrange model. Visit our room to see all of the Analogueworks Turntables in their glory!

Andros Allasso

by Zesto Audio

Model: Step Up Transformer
Manufacturer: Zesto Audio
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Phono
One of the most flexible SUT available with 4 gain/ratio settings and 10 position loading allowing 40 adjustments in Mono and 40 adjustments in Stereo. You are now free to roam the cartridge planet!

Andros Tessera

by Zesto Audio

Model: Phonostage
Manufacturer: Zesto Audio
Category: Preamplifiers
Subcategory: Tube
Designed to accommodate 4 tonearms with 100% tube analog circuitry to get every musical detail from the groove.Balanced inputs and outputs. Incredibly quiet and musical.

Ansuz Acoustics

by High End By Oz LLC

Model: Mainz D-8
Manufacturer: Ansuz Acoustics
Category: Power Products
Subcategory: Distribute
Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributor is a Mains and Ground distribution unit. It has 8 Dedicated mains outlets and features an extremely low impedance star grounding system. When using the Mainz8 try to connect the Main Ground to your pre- or integrated amplifier where your sources are connected. Doing this will minimize the ground potential between your devices and thus minimize ground current and signal induced fluctuations. With the DIAMOND-series, we’ve combined all of our technologies – DGC, DIHC and NSC - with our best materials and the best mechanical qualities available. Nothing has been spared in order to offer you a higher reference level than what has been possible to experience up until now. The precision-turned aluminum items have received surface treatment with a diamond/carbon connection in a particle accelerator for a period of 18 hours, all in order to ensure the unique tonal characteristics of the D-series


by Audio Limits

Model: DX
Manufacturer: Antipodes
Category: Digital
Subcategory: Player
Antipodes DX Music Server

Antipodes DX Music Server

by The Voice That Is

Model: DX Generation 3
Manufacturer: Antipodes Audio Limited
Category: Digital
Subcategory: Player
The DX provides the ultimate in digital audio sound quality, together with simplicity and ease of use. Key to the increased performance of the DX Gen3 is the new V4X circuit developed exclusively for the Antipodes DX.
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