6SN7 SET Amplifier

by Swan Song Audio LLC

Model: 6SN7
Manufacturer: Swan Song Audio
Category: Integrateds
Subcategory: Tube
The 6SN7 tube amp uses 6 6SN7 tubes in parallel configuration. It is a zero feedback SET amplifier that puts out 3.3 watts a channel. This allows the 6SN7 to power any speakers with a sensitivity greater than 96dB. And with a gain of 12 it does so with very little input required. A signal of 0.238 volts provides 1 watt into 8 ohms. Configuration options include: 1) 10 ohm speaker OR 40 150 300 600 headphone output transformers 2) Volume control 3) Choice of: a) DAC input module with 1 analog input OR b) 2 phonos (MM, MC, or 1 of each) and 2 analog inputs OR c) 4 Analog inputs
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