ANTICABLES Level 3 Power Cord Wins Audiophilia’s Star Component Award — Room 578, Front Range 5 & Rooms 3018 & 7021, Summit Tower

AntiCables is thrilled to announce its Level 3 Power Cord has won Audiophilia’s Star Component Award. Stop in and hear them in rooms 578, 3018, and 7021 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest October 5-7.

Anthony Kershaw, editor and publisher of Audiophilia and one of Canada’s most respected classical conductors, wrote about his experience with AntiCables Level 3 Power Cords in two parts. First with the introduction of three of them in his system (here). Then more recently in a follow-up article describing all of his reference system improvements, where he fleshes out his entire system with seven Level 3 Power Cords (here).

Special Pricing at RMAF!
Stop our by one of our three rooms and pick up the new ANTICABLES brochure.
In it will be a price list and a very generous Coupon Code towards your next purchase of Speaker Wires, Interconnects, and Power Cords.

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